Monday, March 5, 2012

Tool #11 Self Assessing and Reflecting

1.  I liked Animoto and Poll Everywhere.  Poll everywhere will be liked by the kids and it provides instant feedback.  It is different and they will relate.
2.  The students are so ahead of me that I will learn from them as well and that is not bad  My goal will be to catch up to them.  Hopefully sooner than later.
3.  Finding the time to do this has been a challenge, but it has worked out.  It will only get better.

Friday, March 2, 2012

Tool #10 Digital Citizenship

1.  Students need to stay focused and know that this method is a privilege.  Common sense is a must for safe use.  I will remind them of my favorite saying "Do the right thing."  Be inquisitive and look for alternatives to the same lesson.  Be careful about plagiarism.  Know that you are working in a group and it is not only about you.  Investigate further outside the classroom.
2.  Atomic learning is helpful.
3.  I will share the rules with them and demonstrate what is acceptable and what is not.  Discussing what happens if violations occur will be a must.
4.  Digital citizenship will be discussed at Open House as well as being a part of my syllabus.

Tool #9 Incorporating Classroom Based Devices

1.  Connecting technology with objectives is vital.  It will capture the students attention.  In turn it will motivate them.
2.  Timing is everything and using time wisely is a must for the students to maximize mastering the objective of             the day.  Accountability is a must in using time wisely.
3.  I looked at TenMarks and ManipulaMath.  ManipulaMath has some good geometry content.  This could be used for review as well as learning.  I think it would keep the kids interest.
4.  The Ipad has tons of possibilities with all the apps available along with Facebook.  So many geometry lessons are available.  Free Graphing Calculator is useful in geometry as well as Algebra.  Geometry: Volume of Solids might have some possibilities.  Learning to use this in stations is the challenge as well as how to assess on a daily basis.
5.  It is amazing the number of uses the Ipad has.  Letting them see if if they can find other presentations will be interesting.   I can only imagine what is to come.

Tool #8 Taking a look at the Tools

The video showed me some things I didn't know.  I am slowly learning all the little nuances of the Ipad.  Access to all of this will become easier and easier.

Students using the Ipads will

Tool #7 Reaching Outside Your Classroom Online

Using Manga High students will play games to find surface area.I will implement this in the spring semester with Mr. Van Hook's class.  Competition should help.

Tool #6 Using Web Tools to Promote Discussion

I played with TodaysMeet and I think the kids will enjoy it. I messed with it some.

I tried this and the students liked using their cell phones. Possibilities.
I have heard a lot Edmotto from other teachers and would like to try that.

Monday, February 27, 2012

Tool #5 Producing Web 2.0 Tools

Wordle is colorful and is interesting to the kids.  It helps me introduce new vocabulary.

Animoto really appeals to the kids.

It was easy to do.
Click here for video.         
I think the kids are really going to like this.